Personal Practice

The BACD has been asked to provide some examples of good practice within the United Kingdom in areas of Paediatric Neurodisability.

These are personal practice documents, written by Clinicians who have experience in these areas, and though they are examples of good clinical care at the time of writing, they are not exhaustive with regards to the ongoing evidence base. There are many other sources of such information provided within the UK, for example Cochrane collaborative reviews and NICE guidelines, as well as information on specialist trust websites.

Care Pathways:

RCPCH Service Specifications


NICE Guidelines

BACD Guidelines:

  • Practical Symptom Management in Pandemic Flu This guidance is intended for use in situations where health services are overwhelmed and larger numbers of children require symptom management and end of life care than can fully be supported by the usual resources. The guidance forms part of overarching guidance on capacity planning for the management of children with palliative care needs and those receiving end of life care in the event of an influenza pandemic. Click here to download.



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