About the SRG

One of the aims of BACD is “to encourage debate and promote research into the many outstanding questions in childhood disability”.

In 2008, the Strategic Research Group (SRG) was formed with the aims:

  • To identify and encourage high quality clinical research in childhood disability in Britain; in particular collaborative multi-disciplinary projects
  • To encourage and assist people in the field , including families, young people and clinicians, to identify research priorities
  • To facilitate and support the development of major research applications to Wellcome, Medical Research Council, National Institute for Health Research and national charitable funding bodies
  • To encourage and help young clinicians, with research aptitude, to pursue an academic career path

Click here for more information on the Strategic Research Group.

BACD-Castang Fellowship Programme

The British Academy of Childhood Disability (BACD) and the Castang Foundation have developed a fellowship programme for neurodisability researchers from a relevant professional discipline, with a relevant research background, to support travel, accommodation and subsistence to attend Fellowship learning and networking workshops, and registration to the BACD annual scientific meetings in 2017 and 2018.

For more information about the Fellowship click here.

Priority Setting Partnerships

Childhood Disability Research A proposal by the Strategic Research Group for a Childhood Disability Research Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) was considered by the BACD Executive Committee in Spring 2012. BACD have allocated a small resource from the Paul Polani Fund to run a Childhood Disability Research PSP, focusing on ‘neurodisability’. The aim of the PSP is to identify the unanswered questions about the effectiveness of interventions for children and young people affected by neurodisability from both patient and clinical perspectives. It will then prioritise those unanswered questions that young people, parents and clinicians agree are the most important to create a ‘top 10’ important research topics. Click here for more details.

Scoliosis Management Read about the personal reflections of taking part in the Scoliosis Management PSP here.

Child Development Team Database

With the help of the RCPCH, BACD has formed a database of the contact details of neurodisability leads for each child development team in the UK. BACD intends the database to be a resource which allows clinicians to undertake research, audit and activities which help us bring about improvements in the interests of children with neurodisability, their families and clinicians. The database is an important resource and will be used sparingly. For more information visit click here.

Childhood Disability Research Projects in the UK

We are developing a list of research projects currently being undertaken by BACD members within the UK - click here to view.

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