When did Paediatric Neurodisability become a subspecialty of Paediatrics? The Specialist Training Authority recognised Paediatric Neurodisability as a subspecialty of Paediatrics in September 2003.

I want to apply for Paediatric Neurodisability National Training Grid programme? Advertisements for training on the Grid appear in the BMJ in January for programmes commencing the following September. Interviews occur in February. Further information about the National Grid can be found from

How will suitable training programmes be identified to join the grid? The process for this is for the local potential trainers to familiarize themselves with the competency based training programme and the guidance in the Resource Pack, then to gain the support of the Deanery Programme Director for Paediatrics and discuss which posts will be put together to make up the programme. An outline of the programme, once agreed locally, should be sent to the Chair of the Neurodisability CSAC at RCPCH for comment, along with PMETB’s Form A, which is available directly from PMETB). Neurodisability CSAC is very keen to support the development of new programmes and offer advice at any stage. PMETB rather than the College approve training programmes, but having the support of the College CSAC will help enormously.

How long does Paediatric Neurodisability Training Programme take? The training programme is competency based and the emphasis is on the trainee being able to demonstrate that they have acquired the competencies defined in the Training Pack for the existing NTN  trainees and in the Framework of Competences for Level 3 Training in Paediatric Neurodisability (see  from now on. It is anticipated that it will take three years full time equivalent to complete the programme, two years as defined in the Pack’s and a third year pursuing a relevant area e.g. neurorehabilitation, audiology etc.

Support materials for paediatric neurodisability training:

    • Training Pack for existing trainees.
    • Resource Pack
    • Framework of competences for Level 3 training in PND

I am a Paediatric Specialist Registrar and would like to train in Paediatric Neurodisability. What do I need to do? You need to register interest in the subspecialty by completing and returning a Paediatric Neurodisability Training Registration Form. You may also wish to discuss your training interests with your Programme Director, to find out if there may be a suitable training programme developed locally, which may be submitted as described above.

If you have any other questions, please contact Dr Charlie Fairhurst, Chair of CSAC Paediatric Neurodisability.

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