Welcome to EACD 2021!

On behalf of the Belgian Academy of Childhood Disability, it is our honour and privilege to invite the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) to her 33rd Meeting in Bruges.

As organizing committee we would like to welcome you in 2021 for a memorable, historic EACD meeting fully in keeping with its mission, supported by our longstanding Belgian experience with innovation in childhood disability, privileged relationship with the European Institutions, and of course the assets of the city Bruges with its historical, cultural and culinary treasures.

Composing a new symphony – central theme People with childhood disabilities and their families are living in challenging times. COVID-19 has hit our society very hard and will keep our health care and economy for a long time in a stranglehold. Budgetary deficits are raging and savings are on the way. Recently the EACD Austerity survey revealed the negative impact of cost savings on their daily life of people with childhood disabilities and their families. In an accelerating innovative and often increasingly expensive care, austerity in inclusion and service widens the gap between the families who can afford the service and those who cannot. This conflicts with United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Notwithstanding the fact that communication, mobility, custom accommodation, healthcare etc. are basic rights, persevering cost savings and increasing innovative costs negatively impact daily life and are often a one-way ticket to poverty and loss of independence in adulthood. Therefore, challenging times needs new collaborations. Under the meeting theme ‘Composing a new symphony’, we challenge the increasing innovative unaffordability and policy difficulties and will work towards new collaborations. Lying in the heart of Europe and near the decision centre for European policies, Bruges 2021 has the ideal location and timing for EACD to conduct the discussion during workshop sessions with local and European stakeholders to keep health service for people with childhood disabilities affordable with acceptable quality and place the challenges on the European agenda.

Bruges Last but not least, no need to tell that the worldwide renowned city Bruges offers you a broad range of historical, cultural and culinary pleasures. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and is protected under UNESCO world heritage programme. The capital of West-Flanders is a human-size walkable city with excellent affordable hotels, all of them in the quiet, safe & green city centre. The enchanting canals and picturesque corners create a unique atmosphere, packed with history. In 2021, our city is also hosting the Bruges Triennial artist and architectural event. This Triennial will be organized in the historic city centre and the disability focus of EACD would be implemented in the artistic theme. We are really eager to welcome you all to come and join us in a highly professional and friendly environment where we can meet and learn from each other and share knowledge and importantly to ‘compose a new symphony’ for our goal group. The City of Bruges, its citizens and the local organizing committee guarantee you a safe and splendid stay, full of unforgettable moments and… loads of chocolates!

Abstract Submission closes on 1 October 2020

Visit https://eacd2021.com/ for more information.

British Academy of Childhood Disability is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1177868
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