Behavioural Aspects in Neurodisabilty

Friday 11 March 2016, Birmingham

The 2016 ASM aims to explore areas very important to children an families in terms of quality of life but often difficult to access, manage and sometimes even identify the correct term for the child and family. Experts in the field will highlight how clinical research has translated into practical assessment and management of these behavioural patterns. All of us see many of these behavioural phenotypes in the clinical setting but it can be daunting to know how or when to start management, aggressive behaviours being a prime example.


The British Academy of Childhood Disability (BACD) is an organisation for professionals working in the field of childhood disability in the UK.

The group operates as an affiliate group of the British Association of Community Child Health, a specialty group of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and as the UK branch of the European Academy of Childhood Disability.

We encourage membership from all disciplines working in the field of childhood disability.

The aims of the BACD are:

  • to be a means of networking and mutual support for all those working in district and tertiary level services for children with neurodevelopmental disability
  • to promote communication between Child Development Teams
  • to organise regular national multidisciplinary meetings on child development and disability
  • to promote the development of quality standards, guidelines for good practice and audit in the field of child development and disability
  • to encourage debate and promote research into the many outstanding questions in childhood disability
  • to work closely with voluntary organisations and others to advocate for children with disabilities and their families

The BACD committee has representation from the disciplines of Paediatrics, Speech and language therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Psychology, Nursing and Education.



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