Paediatric Neurodisability is a fascinating and varied specialty. Visit our Member Stories to find out why some of our doctors and allied health professionals chose it as a career.

What is Neurodisability? 

There can sometimes be confusion about what neurodisability is, how it differs from other fields, and what a neurodisability paediatrician does. 

  • Click here to view how neurodisability, neurology and community child health differ.

Want to find out more about neurodisability, training in general, or have questions about how training works in your area?

  • If you are interested in pursuing a career in neurodisability, or are already doing so, please do join BACD to keep up to date with all things relating to paediatric neurodisability, access resources and educational meetings, and have an input in to the work we do.
  • If you are interested in finding out more about neurodisability training routes, have any questions about how neurodisability training works in your local area, want to gain some experience of neurodisability or find out more about what is happening locally, all of our BACD regional representatives would be delighted to help. 
  • As a specialty group for the RCPCH, BACD is involved in the development and delivery of sub-specialty training in paediatric neurodisability, alongside the Paediatric Neurodisability CSAC (College Specialty Advisory Committee) who supervise the development and delivery of sub-specialty training and the assessment standards. Similarly, the CSAC would also be very happy to be contacted with any questions about paediatric neurodisability or relevant areas, including how to get experience with topics included in the curriculum and discuss career options. Please see the RCPCH website for further information and contact details.
  • We hold an annual BACD Trainees’ Day every winter; this is a great opportunity for keeping up to date with neurodisability and wider training topics, as well as meeting other trainees and networking. Previous study days have also offered the option of a one-to-one appointment with members of the CSAC to discuss training, for both trainees interested in neurodisability and current trainees.
  • For new and current trainees in neurodisability, The Neurodisability Trainee Information Pack has recently been compiled to provide guidance in areas such as training and ARCP requirements, useful training resources and who to contact if you have any concerns or queries.
  • You may also wish to visit our Events and Education pages for further information about relevant courses (including the Sheffield Paediatric Disability Distance Learning Course), conferences and other learning opportunities. 
  • The BACD also hold an Annual Scientific Meeting - submit an abstract to gain the opportunity to present a poster (medical students and foundation doctors receive free conference registration if their poster is selected) - as well as regional education meetings, which are useful learning opportunities. 
  • Consider joining The Neurodisability Community, an online trainee-led platform designed to support networking and education for CCH and neurodisability grid trainees, hosted through Trello. The Neurodisability Community also runs regular online teaching sessions for trainees.

The BACD has three trainee representatives, Catherine Agar, Eleanor Yule, and Vivien Wong-Spracklen, ad are very happy to be contacted about any questions about training in paediatric neurodisability and would love to hear from you and for you to get involved in things they are currently working on - please email [email protected]

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